External Insulation

The FAST system is designed and manufactured in Europe. It is manufactured under strict quality-approved factory conditions. The FAST system has European Technical Approvals for all of it's products. It has also been awarded the NSAI Agrément Certificate No. 12/0368 in compliance with Building Regulations requirements 1997 – 2011. The FAST system is a first class external insulation system.

This elite external insulation system has been approved by the NSAI and the SEAI, which means it is suitable for the SEAI grant system.
You could receive a grant of up to €4500 when installing our external insulation.

Step 1

Scaffold is erected if the building exceeds one storey. Our professional team will then remove any extraneous fittings from the outside of your home. This includes pipes, satellites dishes and so on. The surface of your home will then be prepared for the fitting of the FAST external insulation system.

Step 2

The FAST insulation boards are then installed to the outside of the building. These are firmly fixed to the side of the building. Additional mechanical fixings are then fitted to the board. A special base coat is applied to the board which helps reinforce the board. This needs to dry before we can continue the process.

Step 3

Once this coat has dried, we are able to apply a finish to the outside of the insulation. This leaves the house looking better than it did before. You can choose from many different renders such as brick, acrylic, silicone, dry dash, wet dash and many more. This finish needs to dry also. All of the items which were originally removed are then replaced, and the home is inspected to ensure you have received the elite service we are renowned for.

If you would like to find out more about external insulation and the incredible benefits it offers, feel free to call us today on 1800 911500. You can also fill out our contact form, which you can find here.

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