Poliuretan Spray 7129 Roof, S-403E, S-503E.

Poliuretan Spray are polyurethane systems made up of two components: polyol and isocyanate, to obtain a rigid closed-cell foam applied in spray form “in situ” for the purposes of thermal insulation. The product has been specially designed to offer a smooth surface finish.

Poliuretan Spray systems feature authorised ecological foaming agents (HFCs) that are not harmful to the O-zone layer and they are mainly used to obtain excellent thermal insulation.

Poliuretan® Spray systems are applied by means of a high-pressure jet, equipped with heating functions, with a mix ratio of 1:1 in volume. S403E is mainly used as thermal insulation in the enclosure of buildings, properties (partition walls), industrial premises, farms, etc. S403E, S503E and 7129 Roof are mainly employed as thermal insulation in roofs, floors and terraces. Its smooth finish is particularly recommended for use in lightweight finishes (paints, elastomers, polyureas).



  • Complete suppression of thermal bridges. The insulation has no joints or gaps. It is a continuous form of insulation.
  • Insulate and waterproof in a single process. This capacity can be attributed, on
  • the one hand, to its closed-cell and watertight structure and, on the other, the continuous way in which it is applied, avoiding joints.
  • It can be moved to a construction site quickly, with no need for transporting or
  • storing bulky products.
  • Seals gaps, muffling the passage of sound.
  • Increase in the habitable space compared to other insulating materials.
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