Poliuretan Spray RF-351-C and RF-352-D

Poliuretan® Spray RF-351-C and RF-352-D are rigid polyurethane foam systems, with two polyol and isocyanate components, closed cell, containing HFCs for thermal insulation by spraying.

Poliuretan® Spray RF-351-C and RF-352-D systems are applied by spraying them with high-pressure equipment equipped with heating, with a 1:1 volume mixture ratio. They are mainly applied for thermal insulation in building envelopes, dwellings (partitioning), false ceilings, industrial warehouses, farms, ships, chambers, etc.



  • Total elimination of thermal bridges. The insulation has no joints or fissures. This is seamless insulation.
  • Good adherence to the substrate. No pastes or adhesives need be used for installation.
  • It is possible to insulate and leak-proof in just one process. On one hand, this is because it has a waterproof, closed-cell structure, and on the other, because it is applied seamlessly, with no joints.
  • Excellent fire resistance, with Euroclass C and Euroclass D classification.


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